Petrochemical industry is a key industry of China. In petrochemical industry, production line is long and the aspects involved are extensive. The production process includes oil-gas exploration, development of oil-gas field, drilling engineering, oil production engineering, oil and gas gathering and transferring, storage and transport of crude oil, petroleum refining, chemical production and sales of oil products etc., which are adopted to provide gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil, chemical raw materials, synthetic resin, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber, fertilizer and other oil and chemical products over 3000 types needed for the society, for they are closely related with the clothing, food, lodging and traffic of people.

       In 2012, the foreign trade deficit of petrochemical industry was further widened, resulting in further increase of foreign-trade dependence. According to statistics of customs, the total import and export volume in the industry reached 637.594 billion USD in 2012, up 5.1% and accounting for 16.5% to total import and export trade of the state. Of them, the total import volume reached 464.01 billion USD, up 6.7%; the total export volume reached 173.59 billion USD, up 0.8%, resulting in accumulative deficit of 290.42 billion USD, up 10.6% yoy. Of the imported products, oil, gas and chemical ores are still the main body, resulting in further increase of foreign-trade dependence of oil and gas. In 2012, the import of crude oil reached 0.271 billion tons, up 7.3% yoy and resulting in foreign-trade dependence of 56.4%, up 1.3% yoy. The import of chemical mineral products reached 12.289 million tons, up 14.9%.

       China Hua Dong Corporation Limited has reliable sources of goods overseas for supply of fuel oil, asphalt and petroleum benzene for a long term as well as monthly supply of 0.15 million tons of xylene, methyl alcohol products, styrene and middle east fuel oil (280CST). The company is qualified with professional petrochemical talents’ team and experienced in foreign trade with favorable credit and reputation. By adhering to the principles of serving for customers and honest operation, we are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies at a deep level.